I was originally signed up to do a textile degree in Farnham, but during the summer before whilst visiting family in the Hebrides in Scotland I met a jeweller working from a garden studio. I was blown away that she had created all these pieces herself and something about it all just got to me- I was hooked!

I had to know more about jewellery and how it was made so I studied for three years Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and jewellery design at University for creative arts in Kent. Returning home back to our beautiful Isle I had my first proper studio at the Quay Arts. I was working for Chris at Theodosia which is where I first met Jodie. It was at the Quay that I began teaching alongside making and discovered how much I love to teach. I also went on to receive a qualification in teaching Metal clay, a medium that is so fascinating to work in. After teaching at the quay arts for 9 years I moved over to Alchemy workshop in Ryde. Teaching there for over a year, working along side Guy at G&M for nearly two years now which has been fascinating and I have learnt so much, Guy is a true master craftsman.

It was a random drive on a sunny day that lead me to The Jewellery Cabin and I knew as soon as I stepped inside it could become the teaching studio I had always dreamed of. Having created this beautiful space with Jodie is amazing and I am so proud of us both that we have done it with two kids each and busy working lives …. Its amazing come and see it for yourself!


I first fell in love with jewellery making at college (too many years ago!) when I started dissecting watches and creating small objects with cogs and wires. This led me to studying a Jewellery and Silversmithing BA Hons Degree at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham's jewellery Quarter. This course was amazing, giving me the skills for making and the freedom for designing.

After graduating I moved back to the island and found a wonderful job training at the well respected Theodosia. I learnt so much there, enjoying making a variety of things from silver spoons to diamond rings, building all the time on my own style of work. In fact I loved it so much I'm still working there (after 14 years!).

Alongside Theodosia I make and sell my own jewellery collections. It's like my sanctuary, my escape from life as a busy mum, jewellery making is extremely therapeutic. This is what lead me to teaching others. It's rewarding to help others learn a new skill and feel proud to take home a treasure they have made, having had a lovely day away from normal life, we all need a bit of that at times!

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