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We are doing our part by taking the following actions to ensure that our classes run as safely as possible, within a COVID safe environment. In line with Government guidance we have carefully assessed the environment of the Jewellery Cabin, our courses, how we look after you and instruct you while you are with us.

This all starts well before you arrive and ends after you have left with the lovely items you have made.

  • We have carried out a detailed risk assessment of the building and each of the courses to ensure we have a safe environment both from the aspect of COVID and when you are making with us.

  • We align our cleaning with the regime promoted throughout the NHS so that;

  • Everything has already been cleaned and disinfected in preparation for your arrival. 

  • We provide Surgical Masks (FFP2) for each of you, we advise on these being worn for mixed household groups, this is to ensure we are all safe.  

  • We also provide face shields for those that would like to wear one (this is not compulsory). 

  • When it comes to having a cuppa, everyone has their own cup. These are washed in the on-site dishwasher between refreshments, 

  • As always, we will be providing our famous homemade flapjack, or a choice of individually wrapped biscuits. 

  • During your time with us, we provide lots of lovely hot water and soap, 'the gold standard for hand hygiene' and soft paper towels.

  • In addition to which there are various strategically placed hand sanitising stations, for you to use in between tasks. 

  • We do ask that you use the disinfectant spray provided to clean the taps and high touch areas after you have used any of the personal facilities.


After you leave we deep clean and disinfect all handles, surfaces and high touch areas, any reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is cleaned and disinfected, the crockery goes in the dishwasher, aprons are washed and ironed every week and steamed in between sessions. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you at

The Jewellery Cabin

Kelly & Jodie

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