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  • Do we offer private parties?
    We love to offer private sessions! The sessions are up to three hours long with the option to make: A set of 3 stacking rings, a bangle, earrings or a pendant. We ask that the group make the same item due to time. The costs for private sessions are as follows; 4-7 people > £84 per person 3 people > £110 per person 2 people > £150 per person 1 person > £280 per person The above prices all include materials. Private parties are great for all sorts of lovely reasons, whether to celebrate a birthday, babies, marriages or just being alive! We want it to be personal and special to you, so if you’d like to decorate the room with balloons or banners no problem, get in touch with us. You can bring nibbles and any specific drinks you fancy.
  • What do I wear?
    We are a workshop, so we would recommend you wear something comfortable, no floaty sleeves and no dangly jewellery or straps. Please wear long hair tied up. Also no open toed shoes please, your safety is our priority!
  • What do I bring?
    You don't need to bring much at all. If you are staying all day then please bring some lunch with you as creativity makes you hungry! It might be worth bringing a warmer layer in case the weather is looking good and you'd like to take a break outside.
  • What do you provide?
    We will provide tea, coffee, fruit and herbal teas, decaf options, water and cordials, as well as individually wrapped biscuits and our famous flapjack, which is gluten free. If you have any dietary requirements please do let us know. ​ We also will provide you with an apron to wear throughout your session to protect your clothes, as well as all the materials you will need for the course.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Please arrive at the time stated on the course when booking or a few minutes before.
  • Where are we?
    Our address is The Jewellery Cabin, 3a Sheat Manor Farm, Gatcombe, PO30 3HP There is a large open gate at the entrance from the main road with a tall sign nearby. This entrance is directly opposite Highwood Lane. As you drive into Sheat Manor Farm you will see our carpark sign posted on the left. It's a cosy carpark, so you will need to squeeze in tightly, don't worry if you block others in as we will all be leaving at the same time.
  • What else do we offer?
    Wedding Rings If you're looking to make your own weddings rings as a couple this is a fantastic unique experience to do together and we love to be part of these days. We would need to meet up in advance to discuss ideas, materials and prices so please get in touch so we can book in a meeting. ​ Makers Sessions For those who already make jewellery but want time to use our workshop, we offer makers sessions. These are on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings and are only for those with some experience, or who have attended classes and would like to practice their new skills. You work on your own projects with your own materials and we are here to give a helping hand. A small silver shop is available on site, however if you are making something specific we would recommend bringing what you need. ​ Private Tuition Private tuition is available. Our courses cater for beginners and those with more experience, but of course if you have any specific skills you would like to learn please get in touch ​ Under 18's we do ask that all those attending our regular sessions are all over 18, however on private bookings we are happy to teach under 18's, as long as you have a parent or carer who can sign to take responsibility for you. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing younger members with you on your private group.
  • Do I need any previous experience?
    Not at all! We are often told as people arrive that they are not creative or that they have never done this before. Don't panic! We will talk you through it all step by step. If you find anything a bit tricky or hard on your hands we will help you out. ​ Your time with us if for fun, for learning new skills and for feeling proud of the beautiful jewellery you have created that day.
  • Covid-19 safety
    We are doing all we can to keep you safe during these challenging times. We will being taking temperatures on arrival as well as providing you with face masks and optional face shields as well as plenty of hand sanitiser. Our aprons are freshly steamed and we have separate tool boxes for each person. Some equipment has to be shared, so we ask you to sanitise hands before and after use. Our full covid procedures can be found on the Covid-19 page on this site.
  • Do we use harmful chemicals?
    During the jewellery making process, chemicals are required that may be hazardous to health with prolonged and or repeated exposure. These include substances that may damage or suspected to damage fertility or an unborn child. Here at the Jewellery Cabin the safety of our customers is of the utmost importance, therefore the use of these hazardous chemicals by our customers is minimised as far as possible, and or personal protective equipment is provided where use is necessary. Whilst the risk is low in this circumstance, if you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, please contact us directly before your workshop to inform us and we can discuss your options if you have any concerns.

If you have any other queries, please do hesitate in touch with us. Find out more about the cabin and tutors here

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