Silver Clay Kit

Silver Clay Kit


This fantastic kit has all you need in it for jewellery making at home. Silver clay is exactly what it says! You can roll it, form it just like clay then leave it to dry, send it back to us for kiln firing and we will send you back your finished jewellery. Through the firing process the clay turns to solid silver, its just incredible stuff. Each kit comes with a pack of silver clay (big enough for a pendant and earring set) and all you need to get started, as well as a detailed instruction leaflet. So why not give it a go from the comfort of your own home.


PLEASE NOTE this kit contains a small craft knife. By purchasing this kit you have confirmed you are of a legal age to purchase and use this item.


Kit includes,

7g silver clay

work mat


texture plates

pot for olive oil (you need your own oil)

circle cutters

craft knife

acrylic spacers

clay shaper and brush tool

sanding pads

teflon grease proof sheet