Organic Cross-Backed Apron

Organic Cross-Backed Apron


We are so happy to finally be able to sell a version of our very own cross-backed Apron!


Over the years we've had so many inquiries from our lovely makers regarding our Aprons here at The Jewellery Cabin, and now we have collaborated with a incredibly talented local seamstress & designer Amber J Maidment to produce our own apron. 


With a unique and practical design which enables the back straps to comfortably cross your behind your upper back, the wide straps mean that the lightweight material does not rub against the skin. The design eliminates the need for the traditional apron ties. It also boasts two comfortable slim pockets, which sit flush against the fabric when not in use. 


Available in one size that we are confident will fit all.



Made from a sustainably produced Organic Cotton and Organic Hemp Blend, this Apron is lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-wear and, stylish.



Length: 38"/97cm (including straps)

                 30"/76cm (body)

Width: 21"/54 cm